Few words that can help you survive in Budapest

It is pretty impossible for someone to learn Hungarian if they are not serious about it.

However, in normal life, at grocery stores certain words can be useful.

If you are at a grocery store (spar,tesco,cba,aldi) and dont know if the price of an item is the one you are pointing to, you can ask a store helper by saying "ugyanaz (u-ja-naaz)" (is it same?)

"Difference is" "Kulonbseg" (kul-on-b-shayk).

"I am looking for" is "Kerek" (kay-reck).

"Where can i find" is "hol talalom egy" (whole taw-la-lom ej)

If you bought something and want to return it for money.You can say "I want to return it" "szeretem visszaadni abc" (ser-et-tem vissa-adni abc) or "i do not want it"  "nem kerek" (Nem Kay-rek)

For changing an item you can ask like this "i want to change this product" "szeretem cherelni ezt a termek" (ser-et-tem cher-ail-ni aiz-t a ter-maik)

Where to buy car lights in Budapest

You can buy quality car lights in Budapest from different car shops.However,on sunday, these shops are closed and since most people find it comfortable to do grocery on sunday with the family,they are looking for a quick solution.

You can visit a big tesco in Budapest,where in the car section,car lights can be found. Tesco in Arena plaza and close to Pilango Utca are having a good variety of car lights,however,if you dont find it there, you can visit OBI,where there is section for car lights.The prices are quite cheap as the brands are not so famous.

In OBI, the car lights and accessories section is on the first floor.

What is ugyfelkapu and what are its benifits

If you have got a residence permit in Budapest,and plan to stay for longer period, there is one account you must make in order to have  online communication with the government related facilities in Hungary.It is is called Ugyfelkapu in Hungarian and Client Gate Login in english.

Just like you make a hotmail or gmail account,Ugyfelkapu is a username you will get with the government website https://ugyfelkapu.magyarorszag.hu/.

In order to make one, you have to personally visit a kormanyhivatal (hungarian government office) in any district with your residence permit. Ask for a ticket from a machine about ugyfelkapu and wait for your turn.

On your turn,the clerk will ask username what you want to have for ugyfelkapu login.
Once your ID is created, you can check your email and use a password to access it online.

Advantages of Ugyfelkapu

You can ask the clerk about the activities you can perform with ugyfelkapu.
However I found following 2 activities to be quite helpful.

1) You can submit online tax returns if you are an enterpreneur.
2) You can check the tax returns filed by the NAV,i.e.Hungarian tax authority.
3)You can apply for hungarian police character certificate,4 times a year,without being going to any office.
4) Something related to your car or driving license may be done as well but I have not tried yet.

How to Validate tickets in Budapest

If you are travelling on public transport without a weekly or monthly pass in Budapest, you must use and validate a ticket otherwise you would be fined.
Make sure, that you can use one ticket for a single journey on a single means of transport.

If you want to transfer from a bus to underground train, or tram to bus and vise versa, you have to get a transferable ticket and validate it on both means of transport.

For different modes of public transports, the method of validation is different.

For travelling by underground metro, which are M1(yellow line),M2(red line), M3(Blue line) and M4(green line),you have to validate the ticket before going into the escalators.
To validate the ticket before entering into underground metro, you just have to enter the ticket into the orange colored machine (just before the escalators), and it will automatically put a cut and stamp it.There are ticket checkers who check your ticket before you go down the escalators.

For tram 6 and 4,which is running between szell kalman ter and Ujbuda Kozpont and Moricz Zsigmond, the ticket must be validated after entering the tram. There are machines next to each door inside the tram, and you can enter the ticket inside and it will put a stamp and a cut.(this cut and stamp is different from cuts and stamps from other machines).

Some new buses in Budapest are also having a similar machine where the ticket gets validated once you enter the ticket. So, whenever you enter any bus, the ticket machines are next to each door.

However, in certain older trams and Buses, the ticket machines are manual, and their color is red. In order to validate ticket in older machines, you have to enter the ticket from the top and pull the machine towards you.It will make a hole inside the ticket. You have to be very careful when validating in these trams as people get a lot of fine as they assume by just entering the ticket,it will be validated,but that is not the case.

You also have to be careful that 200E bus ticket is different from the normal ticket that you buy for use in tram,trains or other buses.

Useful Applications and websites used by foriegners in Hungary Budapest

Arriving as  a foreigner in Budapest or any other city in Hungary, due to language issue, quite a lot of information goes missing from the foreigners unless they are social enough to go to meeting events.

Following information lists about apps used for different purposes in Hungary.

BKK futar app is a very good app to check the timing and location of buses that you plan to take during your journey in Budapest. Its in Hungarian but with little exploration you can understand this app.

Google maps works quite good in Budapest if you wanna check the different alternatives for your journey within Budapest.

webforditas.hu is another website that you can use to translate from Hungarian to some famous languages.

For ordering food online, netpincer is the platform people use to order food in Budapest and in other parts of Hungary.

Paying bills going to the post office is a cumbersome task which most of us like to avoid, hence https://www.dijnet.hu/ekonto/control/mod?lang=en is another useful website that can save your time from standing in lines and paying in office.

If you plan to buy new electronic and home appliances at a reduced price, https://www.olcsobbat.hu can be visited. There is another website emag.hu which can be quite good for checking prices for various items from home usage,watches,food stuf to children diaper.

Blablacar.hu is a good service for sharing car when travelling within and outside of hungary with a hungarian.You just have to pay a limited money compared to bus fares and you can join the people travelling in same direction as you.

Oszkar.com is another car pooling service that can be used in Hungary.

People coming to Budapest are using trains to travel to other cities and countries. For checking train schedules http://vonatinfo.mav-start.hu/ is a quite good website in Hungary.

If you are a vegetarian, and recently moved to Budapest, then Happycow.net is the website you can search for vegetarian restaurents in any part of Hungary.

For booking in Restaurants and cafes in Budapest,you can use https://www.restu.hu which has quite a good database for restaurants.

Whatsapp allows you to talk and send sms over wifi.No doubt its famous even if you come from a different country.

For ordering taxi, you can use taxify for booking taxis.

For Hungarian news, index.hu is mostly followed by locals.

Vibre is another app which is used for voice calling and sms sending and receiving, but more famous among the Hungarian compared to Whatsapp.

Tinder and rosszlanyok are dating websites you can use in Budapest for finding your partners.