Alee Shopping Mall in Budapest

If you are willing to do shopping in Budapest,Alee Shopping mall can be one of better options to buy shoes,cosmetics and clothes.You can reach Alee Mall by using tram 4, or 6 which terminate at Morics zigmond and Ujbuda Kozpont.These two trains can be used to reach the front or back side of the mall.
It has a huge variety of shops ranging from electronics,sports,fashion and cosmetics.

Getting a police character certificate in Budapest Hungary

Character of certificate in Hungarian is called "Hatósági erkölcsi bizonyítvány igénylése " (haato-shaagi erkuchi bizonitvan e-gain layshay).

For anyone who stayed in hungary on a residence permit, and wishes to get a permanent residence in any other country by settling there.e.g, you got a job in Hungary, got a residence permit from Hungary,later on (assume1 year)you married to a British national,and want to get a permanent residence in Britain. You will be required to show the good character certificate from your previous country of residence,i.e.Hungary in this case.

For such cases, getting a police certificate from Budapest can be quite tricky because of language issue. Therefore, in following guide you will find ways to get a police character certificate in Hungary. 

There are normally 3 ways to get the police certificate in Hungary.

1) Through the post office.
2) Through an appointment for the office by dialing 1818.
3) Through online account using UGYFELKAPU online ID.(only available if you have made your online ID by personally visiting any Hungarian Govt office).

Fovam Ter

Fovam Ter is a Tram station in Budapest for Tram 48 , Tram 47 and Tram 2.The main thing associated with Fovam ter is that it can be used as a starting point for the travellers coming to Budapest to see all the Major Monuments of Budapest in a Single day.If you are coming by Metro 3,from the Airport,you can get out at Kalvin Ter and then walk towards Fovam ter or take Tram 47 or Tram 48 to come to Fovam Ter.

Just in front of the Fovam Ter station in Budapest,you will see the Central Market.
Unlike markets of other countries,Central Market of Budapest has a very unique architecture and quite famous among visitors to buy  souvenirs and hand made goods of Hungary.Other stuff in Central Market of Budapest is the fresh vegetables,fruits,fish,milk and dairy products.

Below is the view of Kalvin ter if you are standing at the Fovam ter station,on right is the central market and on your back would be the independence bridge(Green bridge.)

If you are planning to visit all the monuments along the Danube,then either you can walk along the Danube,towards the right side of below picture.Other option is to go downstairs and take Tram 2 that will take you along the Danube where on your left would be the Gellert Hill,next monuments to follow are the chain bridge,parliment and then you can take 6-4 tram which will take you to Margrait island.

If you are standing at the Fovam ter station,you will see Cornivus University in front of you,its a very old campus that has been recently renovated on different sides,which adds to the beauty of this beautiful square.

Fashion Shopping stores in Budapest

For the travelers coming from western European countries to Hungary,it would be a very nice surprise to see that prices of all the goods are one third of the prices that are in western European Countries.Since Budapest is not a huge city,most of people plan their trip for a couple of days,and do not plan to do shopping in Budapest.Other limitations are due to the fact they travelers coming to Budapest are coming through cheap airlines which do not allow to carry much weight in the flight,therefore,people are reluctant to do shopping.

However,if you have plans to go for Shopping in Budapest,then there are some Malls where you can do shopping in the downtown areas in Budapest.The shopping plazas in Hungary have outlets from different Brands.
The most commonly found Outlests in Budapest shopping malls are the following.

Zara outlet can be visited in Alee Mall,Arena Mall,West End Shopping Center and near Deak Ferenc ter / Vorosmarty street on Vaci Utca.

FOOTLOCKER outlet in Budapest can be located in Corvin plaza,West End Shopping Center,Mammut Shopping Center,Arena Plaza and Vaci Utca.

You can find HUMANIC outlet in Budapest in Alee mall,Arena Mall,and Vaci Utca,.

SALAMANDAR outlets in Budapest can be found in Arena plaza,Allee Mall,Mammut shopping center and Vaci Utca.

One outlet of VAN GRAAFcan be located in the Alee mall.

GAS outlets in Budapest are opened in Alee mall,West End Shopping Center,Arena Plaza.

LEVIS outlets can be located in Arena plaza,Corvin plaza, and Alee mall.
H and M has many outlets in Budapest,the size of these outlets is varying,HM outlets in Arena plaza,corvin plaza and Alee Mall are quite big,but West End and Vaci utca outlets are having less stuff for the guys.
C and A has a very big outlet in West End city center.Other outlets of CA in Budapest are in Corvin plaza,Alee Mall and Arean plaza also has a good outlet in Arena Shopping mall in Budapest.
Deichmen is a shoe shop which is selling cheap shoes but they are not of very good quality,this shop can be seen in almost every mall in Budapest.

Jack and Jones has limited outlets in Budapest,one of them is in Mammut mall of Budapest.

Hervis Sports has very big shops in Corvin plaza,Mammut Plaza, and Arena Plaza.

New Yorkers is a clothing brand that is very famous among younsters in Budapest and has outlets in Corvin plaza, Alee Mall,Vaci Utca and Arena plaza.West End shopping mall also has New Yorker shop but its mostly containing Women stuff.

Pull and Bear in Budapest has main stores in Alee Mall,West End shopping mall,Arena Mall and Vorosmarty street near Deak ferenc ter.

Springfield stores location are Arena mall,Vaci Utca and West End shopping Center.

English,one of the languages that most people in Hungary do not understand

No doubt Hungary has one of the most beautiful views along the Danube river near the downtown,which are very famous among visitors from all around the world.One problem that most people would encounter in Hungary is that,Hungarians do know speak English very well.Whether you hire a taxi or going to a hotel outside the downtown(near Deak Ferenc ter),you will find it very hard to communicate with the people.
The reason being the fact that hungarians are not good speakers is that,it has been under Russian influence for a long time,so the secondary language people used to learn was either Russian, or German,being part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,where western boundary touches Germany. Although it is considered that Taxi drivers in most countries can speak English very well,but in Budapest you will find out that taxi drivers in Hungary are unable to speak English.Restaurants on Raday Utca and Vaci Utca, do have waiters who can speak English and will even invite you when you are wandering around the downtown,but going to a Shopping plaza,or a grocery shop like Tesco will not help you much in terms of English.The shopkeepers are usually very poor in English and if you want to communicate with them,they will call some colleagues to talk to you.Another issue here is that,most of the products available in super market dont have English on them.
Seems like these products are  only made for Easter European countries,and therefore,have only Czech,Ukrainian,Polish,Hungarian and Solvekian Language.
Even if you have to go to Banks in Hungary,there will be only a single person reserved for handling customers with English language,and if that guy is on vacation,Bank staff in Budapest will ask you to come next day.On metro stations,Bus stations and other tourist places,there are very few boards which guide you in English. Despite all the language problems with Hungarian People,it is still a very beautiful country that deserves to be visited,no matter you are a kid,adult or a young man.

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